Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Spring 2020 Athena/Classic/Academy/GPL/RIAS tournament for the age group.
13U Classic III West 12 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 C1 AFC Lightning
AFC Lightning '07 Gold - CL III W
0Y163-02CB3U-1301   Joel Pasch
 C2 S S A
SSA Chelsea 07B Select White - CL III W
0Y160-0CCB3U-0037   Leo Flanagan
 C3 Georgia Storm Legends
Georgia Storm UMA 07B Elite - CL III W
0Y280-83CB3U-0002   Jo Howoon
 C4 S S A
SSA Chelsea 07B Select Black - CL III W
0Y160-0CCB3U-0036   Phillip Hatcher
 C5 S S A
SSA North GA 07B Select Gray I - CL III W
0Y160-0CCB3U-0040   Benjamin Clark
 C6 YMCA Arsenal Rome - 2007 Boys - CL III W 0Y123-01CB3U-1330   Mark Beattie
 C7 Concorde Fire South
CFC Red Star - B13U Premier - CL III W
0Y154-02CB3U-0163   Rodnelle Clay
 C8 Georgia Storm SA
Georgia Storm 07B Silver - CL III W
0Y280-02CB3U-0348   Joshua Rudisill
 C9 AFC Lightning
AFC Lightning Troup '07 - CL III W
0Y163-02CB3U-1904   Chris Bryant
 C10 NASA TopHat
0Y198-05CB3U-0002   Oscar Del Risco
 C11 NTH-Smyrna 2007 Boys - CL III W 0Y213-02CB3U-0122   Larry Cainion
 C12 TRAC Covered Bridge Soccer Club
TRAC Covered Bridge 07B - CL III W
0Y253-02CB3U-0020   Leonardo Macedo Saude