Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Spring 2020 Athena/Classic/Academy/GPL/RIAS tournament for the age group.
14U Classic II Black 13 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Atlanta Fire United Select
Atlanta Fire United South 06B Elite - CL II Black
0Y110-03CB4U-0267   Marcelle Francois
 A2 GSA North Select Boys
GSA North 06B Red - CL II Black
0Y174-03CB4U-0017   Louis Crayton
 A3 Alpharetta Ambush Select Soccer
Ambush SC B06 White - CL II Black
0Y105-01CB4U-0142   Matthew Edmiston
 A4 Atlanta Fire United Select
Atlanta Fire - U14 Boys Premier (2006) - CL II Bla
0Y110-03EB4U-0010   Milorad Bozickovic
 A5 MAYS NW Cobb
MAYS Sudamerica - 06B - Premier - CL II Black
0Y152-01CB4U-4660   Rudi Pires
 A6 MAYS Buckhead
MAYS Buckhead 06B Blue - CL II Black
0Y152-02CB4U-4569   James Apudo
 A7 NASA TopHat
NTH NASA 06 Premier MN/QP - CL II Black
0Y198-05CB4U-0012   Stuart Scott
 A8 NTH-Smyrna 2006 Boys - CL II Black 0Y213-02CB4U-0011   Nicky De Vogel
UFA 06B Black - CL II Black
0Y111-0DCB4U-0007   Kasumu Sillah
 A10 UFA
UFA 06B Gold - CL II Black
0Y111-0DCB4U-0009   Pavan Kaul
 A11 UFA Mountains
UFA Mountains 06B Black - CL II Black
0Y111-1MCB4U-0007   Patrice Parris
 A12 Athens United SA
0Y106-01CB4U-0011   Sean Hogan
 A13 TRAC Dalton Red Wolves
TRAC Calhoun Red Wolves - B14U - CL II Black
0Y253-03CB4U-0015   Federico Miranda